Friday, June 22, 2012

Auxiliary Member passing

Please pray for Donna and her family on the loss of Nancy.......................

I just flew back home from Florida last

night.  I have been in Florida

more than at home since last August.  I quit my DON role in December to

care for my sister.  Unfortunately, Nancy’s

melanoma cancer metastasized to her brain and she had another surgery in March

for that.  The surgery was “successful” however she lost the ability to speak

and could not move her entire right side.  Then she had to endure 2 more

brain surgeries to implant shunts.  She did it all with a smile.

Unfortunately, the brain cancer returned with a vengeance and spread to her

spine.  We brought her home approx. 4 weeks ago where I cared for her

around the clock.  Nancy

passed away last Friday, June 1 and her services were just on Monday &

Tuesday of this week.  I thank you for all of your prayers and support

over these past few years.  I am numb and tired.  I will now begin

finding my way again.  I look forward to coming to this year’s

conference.  Hope all is well with you and your family.  Have a great

weekend – making memories is what it’s all about!  Please feel free to let

others know (I did clear this with her husband, Frank).  Thanks.